What We Do

  • We provide support, information and advice
  • Give support to family, friends and carers and spread bowel cancer awareness to the wider community.
  • We have guest speakers who talk on a variety of topics including...

    -new developments in treatment and care

    ...with new speakers added regularly!

  • We plan and hold fund raising social events - we are keen to discuss new ideas for support and seek out available sources of funding
  • We can also provide some financial help and transport for patients to attend medical/clinical appointments


Useful Links

Cancer information, practical advice and support for cancer patients, their families and carers.Beating Bowel Cancer - Working to raise the awareness of symptoms, promote early diagnosis and encourage open access to treatment choice for those affected by bowel cancer.Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group - To help people who have to undergo surgery which involves the removal of their colon (colectomy) and the formation of either a colostomy or an ileo-anal pouchBowel Cancer Information - Founded by Ex-Watchdog presenter and bowel cancer survivor Lynn Faulds Wood. We help to investigate every stage of the patient’s journey - from prevention and screening to palliative care - to help save lives from bowel cancer and to improve the quality of life of those going through the journey.